Houdini Swap Magic Monday #41 — Recap

5 min readNov 3, 2023


  • Strong Weekly Performance: Houdini Swap had a robust week with $4,919,082 in weekly swap volume and 1,702 swaps.
  • xBlock Growth: The team is actively working on xBlock integration, with 15 integrations in progress.
  • Asian Market Opportunity: The Hong Kong visit aims to gauge demand for xBlock in the Asian market, particularly in B2B sales.
  • Upcoming Insights: In the next few weeks, more in-depth insights into the project’s progress will be provided.

Greetings, Wizards! 🧙‍♂️

Here we are today with the 41st Magic Monday! We’re excited to share the latest updates from Houdini Swap. We’ll be covering the numbers for this week and then talking about what the team is doing in Hong Kong as part of the overall strategy.

And without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Magic Monday Swap Report

  • Weekly Swap Volume: $4,919,082
  • Weekly Swaps: 2,101
  • Weekly Earnings: 0.65 $BTC / 12.34 $ETH / $22,433

This week’s been a great and very strong week.

This week, over 2,101 swaps occurred with a total volume of 4.9 million. It’s been a consistently repeating trend, almost resembling a four-week cycle, and now we’re back to just under 5 million.

Things improved this week with Bitcoin performing well and us recognizing the strength of our efforts. This cycle, like in the past, has shown our volumes with a pattern of starting low, then gradually surging to high peaks.

This illustrates the strong demand for Houdini Swap in a challenging market, and we believe that Bitcoin’s resurgence this week has contributed to our success to some extent.

We’re witnessing the ongoing strength within the Houdini Swap system.

At this stage, We’re thrilled with Houdini Swap’s resilience and growth in the current sector. The number of swaps is a crucial indicator for us as it reflects individual user transactions. It’s quite encouraging, especially in the current tough market conditions.

And that is a number that we’re delighted by.

Hong Kong Fintech Week Updates

The team is currently in Hong Kong and the reason that they are is for one of the four key foundations to our growth strategy.

The four key foundations are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): An essential pillar, SEO ensures that our offerings are visible to those who seek them, targeting users with high intent and propelling organic growth.
  • Tokenomics: Crafting the right incentives and mechanisms to drive user engagement, liquidity, and community growth.
  • Social Media: Leveraging the power of social platforms to connect with our audience, share insights, and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Business Development for xBlock: Exploring and cultivating partnerships and integrations to expand the capabilities of the xBlock ecosystem.

Houdini Swap offers retail solutions, but our focus is on uncovering the true value of xBlock. xBlock provides a range of privacy options, catering to both businesses and app developers seeking seamless integration of optional privacy features. We’ve received substantial interest with 15 integrations in progress, at various stages of completion.

The enthusiastic response began even before our arrival in Hong Kong. We’ve contacted individuals through our connections, aiming for key outcomes in our Hong Kong visit. Our presence there was made possible by winning a pitching award last year, which granted us a free booth, tickets, and subsidized flights.

It became obvious to us that Hong Kong emerged as a prime opportunity for the public launch of xBlock, offering insights into its demand as a product. While anecdotal evidence has its merits, a conference setting with thousands of attendees allows for public speaking opportunities to effectively convey the value of your offering.

At conferences, you gain a true understanding of the market demand. We anticipated significant demand, as we’ve already witnessed it in the retail sector with Houdini Swap.

The Importance of xBlock in the Asian Market

Another aspect was gauging the demand for xBlock in the Asian Market.

Our team’s primary focus is on Europe and the US due to our cultural alignment. However, we see an opportunity to expand into Asia. This week in Hong Kong presents a fantastic chance to solidify three key aspects: Our Launch, xBlock’s global offering, and its specific role in Asia, which appears to be progressing well.

xBlock is crucial, especially in B2B sales where deals may take time but yield significant results. We’re building a strong B2B sales team and process, and with adequate funding, it’s becoming highly appealing.

We anticipate an A-grade team driving substantial volumes in 2024.

Growth Updates: From Progress to Real-World Insights

We’re making excellent progress in the build phase, and within the next two to three weeks, we’ll provide in-depth insights into our work. And we’re pretty excited about the potential impact of our four growth strategy foundations as they come into action.

We’re dedicated to making this a reality.

As we approach 2024, we anticipate remarkable impacts and our entire team is enthusiastic about the prospects. This event is a significant opportunity to gather the feedback we need to refine our xBlock rollout strategy, providing us with valuable insights and clarity.

While we have confidence in our strategy, the true test is when we go live and interact face-to-face with real customers, where we discover everything.

And that’s about it, wizards.

We’ll definitely keep you posted on more announcements next week. We’ll get all this news out to you in Telegram over the next few days as well. Once again, a heartfelt thanks to our wonderful community! Your unwavering support is the true magic behind our journey.

Until next time wizards. 🧙‍♂️




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